All must register for ID cards till 31.12.2010

Tuesday May 17 2011

Every adult individual in the UAE is required to have a UAE ID card. The roll-out of the new system has been running for some years, but an astonishingly high number of people have not yet bothered to register for their card.

DR Ali Mohamed Al Khouri, director-general of the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) has affirmed that the Dec.31 is the deadline for the registration of the ID card. He also revealed that those failing to renew their expired ID card by the Dec.31, 2010 deadline, would not be fined.

Khouri added that the Eida would provide to those whose Emirates ID cards have expired, the facility in phases of renewing their ID cards through the 700 authorised typing centres spread across the country, as well as through the Eida centres.

The application for the renewal of the ID would not take long and the new card will be sent to the applicant by post, Khouri assured.

Regarding the persons who are on leave abroad and are returning only after the Dec.31 deadline, Khouri pointed out that those persons would not be fined but they would have to apply for the renewal directly upon return. For those who are changing employers or other details, Khouri explained that they should approach the Eida centres to have the changes made, as the law punishes the furnishing of false or incorrect details.