Ladies Night. For Women Only. 5-6 May, Dubai

Tuesday May 17 2011

“Stars Dome Group” solemnly closes its 2009-2010 season and is pleased to offer to your attantion the latest theatrical premiere of this season, – a play by Anthony McCarthy, Simon Sinclair and Jacques Collard – «Ladies` Night. For Women Only».

In this play staged are the stars of Russian cinema: Gosha Kutsenko, Vyacheslav Razbegaev, Peter Krasilov, Michail Politseymako, Konstantin Yushkevich and Georgi Martirosyan.

About the performance:

Nothing but three hours of slaughter of humor!
Six hulking middle-aged men are left without work, and therefore – without life. By looking at them, becomes obvious that these monsters would not even overpower a mere kindergarten polka. One is denied his rights to see his child. Another cannot afford buy roller blades for his child, and the third makes a living by collecting crap after grandmothers in one of the nursing homes.

That is when they decide to make a buck by selling their bodies. Thick and thin, young and old, they begin to learn the technique of dance, because they are not admitted to work with steel.

«Ladies` Night. For Women Only» – is a comedy show, written on the verge of a musical and drama, with elegant shamelessness and deep psychology. This play is designed for the widest possible audience, of course, with an exception of that of the children.

«Ladies` Night. For Women Only» – is a social drama of the life of steelworkers.

Duration: 3 hours with one intermission.

Platinum Class: AED. 995
Gold Class: AED. 395
Silver Class: AED. 200

Mobile: 050 281 1093
Toll free: 800 73 663

P.S. NOTE: Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to the play!