Seven facts for National ID cards

Tuesday May 17 2011

What is the Identity Card?
The ID card is mandatory for each national or expat over the age of 15. It is expected that the ID card will, later, replace all currently applicable other identification means such as labour permit, health card, driving license, etc.

Where can people apply for an ID card?
Enrollment is available through EIDA’s registration centres around the UAE. These centres operate from Sunday to Thursday.

There is a centre in Karama Central Post Building, next to Dubai Municipality, and one behind Al Rashidiya Council Building. There is also a centre next to Jebel Ali horse racing track or you can visit the Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department at Al Jafelia, next to the police station. Maps, opening times and directions are available on the EIDA web site or from the call centres. Each emirate has its own registration centres.

What are the documents required for enrollment?
UAE nationals: Application form and original valid passport, along with an original family book and parent’s family book (optional and aimed at electronically connecting the family tree).

Expats: Application form and a valid original passport including residence visa.

What information does the card contain?
The ID card comes with a personal ID number which is linked to your file. The microchip contains your photo, name, date of birth, gender, nationality, mother’s name, marital status, entry information, fingerprint, an electronic certification for authenti-cation and an e-signature. It also holds the details of your sponsor, and the number and expiry date of your residence permit.

What are the charges for card enrollment?
UAE Nationals, dhs100. Residents dhs100 for a year’s residence, dhs200 for two-year residence, dhs300 for three-year residence. GCC residents, dhs100 per year depending on the chosen period. However, five years is the maximum validity time for the ID card.

Does the card expire?
The card is valid for the same length of time as your residency visa, ie one, two or three years.

Can I use the ID card instead of a passport?
Only UAE nationals can use the card to commute between GCC countries without the need for showing a passport.